Thursday, 02 May 2019 16:56

The Elovaters Release Their New Music Video "Meridian (feat. The Late Ones)"


The explosive new music video Meridian from The Elovaters featuring The Late Ones is out and damn it is good. The song comes from last years release Defy Gravity. The track itself stands on its own but the visuals make it all the more fresh. Read below for what the band released about the video:

Meridian was shot in two pieces by our friends Colin Mcelaney and Heron Stames, mostly on a rainy day in a neighborhood near our hometown. The sequence of moving from bikes to steadily nicer cars is sort of a metaphor for remembering to stay grounded when you start to achieve your dreams. The rest was shot at Ziontific Fest 2018, featuring our friends The Late Ones. Much love to Joe McCluskey Jr for his beautiful cars as well as Garth Hoffman, Jay Gabriel, and the Miller family for donating the awesome bikes!

To watch the video and for tour dates from The Elovaters and The Late Ones please see below.

The Elovaters Tour Dates:

The Late Ones Tour Dates:

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