The Long Beach Dub Allstarsare direct heir to one of the music industry’s brightest-burning and most influential flames. Founded after the tragic loss of Bradley

Iya Terra will be releasing their new album "Coming To Light" July 26th but for those who can not wait for the new tunes you are in luck. "Follow Your Heart"

Music Videos are pumping out at a fast pace. Sensi Trails released their new single "She Love" just the other week and now

Boston, Massachusetts The Elovaters have released a new single. Titled "Catch Your Wave" the single features their hometown

Hilo, Hawaii's Mixjah has come out with the new single "Strugglin'" and can be heard below.

Seranation released their new single "Sweet Temptation" today and it comes with a fresh music video as well. The song was

Details are finally out for Hirie's new album "Dreamer" and has an offical release date for September 13, 2019. Hirie took to social media yesterday

French Reggae Hip-hop artists Jahneration debuts their new music video "Act Like You Talk" ft. Alborosie.

Kash'd Out's new album "Undercover "is set to be released August 9th but lucky for fans another new single is

Another new single from San Antonio Reggae Rockers Saltwater Slide titled "Stuck" has been released. The band

Kevin Kinsella has released a video for his most recent single "Among Them", produced by I-Town Records. The video was

Th3rd Coast Roots have been making the most of 2019 so far. They have released two new singles this year, "Lovers Rock" and

Los Angeles, California's Roots of Mine put out an amazing cover of Bad Religion's "I Want To Conquer The World". It is truly

San Diego's Sensi Trails have released "She Love", their second single of the year. The song is follows their last release with

The Black Seeds released their new EP "Refabricated: Fabric Remixes & Rarities". The album features 3 previously unreleased tracks from