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New Single Release: Nick Of Time "Medicine"


There is nothing more exciting to hear new music from artists on the up-and-coming. I still remember adding The Green and The Skints to the Get To Know section of the site. Hell I also remember viewing a ton of Stick Figure music on the Sublime Archive years ago. Now he just headlined an evening at the incredible Cali Roots Festival. I set this up because new artist Nick of Time (Nick Hagglof) has released a very nice debut single titled "Medicine". Reminds me of hearing Stick Figure for the first time.

From Nick Hagglof's facebook:

I invite you to check out my new musical project, Nick of Time. 
Last year, I opened an independent record label, Nick of Time Endeavors (NOTE), to facilitate the creation of original music. This has been the most rewarding experience of my life, and one of the most daunting... but I've never felt more in place. 
"MEDICINE" is my first single and is a song I wrote a couple years ago which felt like the right tune to kick off the journey. I'll have this song up for free on my website as a pre-release for friends and family, and will be released wherever you listen to music on May 24th.
I'll have another single out shortly after, followed by an EP later this year. All of which I want to have readily available to all of you, and I encourage you to hit me up for discounts or free jams if you can't afford it (or just don't want to buy/stream it).
I play all of the instruments, wrote, arranged, recorded and produced the songs, and did my best at hacking the mixing and mastering. 
There will be original merchandise up on my website in the next couple of weeks, stay tuned for pre-release discounts. 
For those in the industry, any and all criticism/input is greatly appreciated. For those in the fam/friends/network, I'd love to hear your thoughts! 
Thanks for listening ?

- Love & Respect -

Hear the new track below and of course as always support the artists by purchasing their music by clicking here.

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