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Mishka What In Your Playlist?

Mishka What's In Your Playlist?






Day of Judgement (Hugh Mundell)

This tune seems indicitive of the times. All the extremes, the rich are richer than ever, the rest of the population in a virtual mind body enslavement, but the day that Hugh Mundell was singing about is just around the corner, I 'n' I people shall go on home and the inhuman capitalists shall fall. Hugh Mundell is such a pure soul and singer, and the Rockers era backing is perfectly on point. Love this track check the message.


asaJailer (Asa)

Nigerian Singer Song writer. Sums it up "I'm a prisoner, your prisoner too Mr. Jailer". Raw truth. Again pure soul and singer. Loved this track from the Moment I heard it in '09.


bob-goldRastaman Live Up (Bob Marley)

What can I say about this track..... Its Bob Marley and the Wailers, just listen again and you'll know why he always be king of Reggae!



bunny-blackheart-manBide up (Bunny Wailer)

Off the "Black Heart Man" album, if you don't have this album you should find it, it is a high point in Reggae music. Probably my favorite track off the album, but favoritism is silly because you listen again, and then maybe it's another track on another day that strikes that chord... for now I love this one. Bless


culture-baldheadThem a Payaka (Culture)

Classic early Culture. Singing about the ones who have plenty and don't want to share or lend a hand. Got to check for this whole album too "Baldhead Bridge"


peter-tosh-equalEqual Rights (Peter Tosh)

"There will be no peace till Man gets equal Rights and Justice" Forever true.


nas-damian-distantAfrica Must Wake Up (Nas and Damian Marley and K'NAAN)

Three extremely talented artists all on One track. I love how the dynamics of lyrical and vocal styles of these three blend together on One track, Somalia, Jamaica, America all distinctly unique styles yet all definitively African. Selassie I live!


dezaire-fyaFya (Dezarie)

One of the most compelling female vocalists in Reggae music with pure heart and Real Message. This is the title track of her most popular album. Better check it out!


bruno-doo-wopsCount on me (Bruno Mars)

Pure Hawaiian style Roots tune, love this tune for it's purity and positivity and of course Bruno's voice, really one of the best contemporary singers i have heard.



the-melodiansRivers of Babylon (The Melodians)

Who doesn't know this one? Grew up on this one from young. Will love it forever I am still in awe of the Rhythm and harmony of this track.


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