Wednesday, 21 August 2019 16:08

Tjerk & Liquid Sunshine Release


Tjerk & Liquid Sunshine have released the new album "8". Tjerk explains on his social media page "The Album 8, that is now out, has 8 songs. I wanted to make this an album worth everybody's while. So these 8 songs have 8 dubs, all created by Mystic Marc from the Northern Dub Mystic.

The story behind Tjerk & Liquid Sunshine is very interesting:

From the bands facebook story:

Amsterdam, somewhere in the summer of 2012, outside in the rain. "Do you know what they call the rain in Jamaica?" Dylan asked. "No" Tjerk said. "Liquid Sunshine" Dylan answered. "This will be the name of my reggaeband should I ever start one" Tjerk immediately replied. Tjerk has been active in the world of music ever since 1992, when he and some of his friends formed a reggaeband called Green Finance. They seized to exist after a few years due to different paths in life, but Tjerk kept on following the musical highway. Tjerk then got in contact with a rapper that originated from the Cape Verdian Islands and together they formed a group called Youngblood, mixing r&b, reggae, rap, and afro cuban latin. They won the 'Grote Prijs van Zuid Holland in 2001. They were invited to be a part of the theatre show 'Made in Holland' in theatre Carré in Amsterdam. In 2003 Tjerk took up a new job as rhythm guitarist for many different reggaebands, and at the same time he met with alot of rappers that were already releasing music. He started to write music with them and performed with them for a few years. In 2007 Tjerk got a job as rhythm guitarist for the Tribute 2 Bob Marley band, and toured with them inside and outside Holland for a few years. During that time he got in touch with Kayaman and they made an album together with one single that had almost 500.000 views on YouTube, "Tot de laatste dag". After some time Tjerk decided to move to Amsterdam where he found a job at a Amsterdam Coffee Establishment. One night (in 2012) when he was standing outside with Dylan, a customer, Tjerk & Liquid Sunshine saw the first rays of life. He got in touch with some fellow musicians and very soon started to rehearse a repertoire to play some trial shows. The first few shows were at main venues, and it led to an invitation to a dutch festival called Zwarte Cross. The band then started to work on their album. The hard work they put in paid off, but let us leave this to the ear of the beholder. Tjerk has always been a Tjerk of all trades, on the verge of everything and nothing at all. Never did he give up or let go what he wanted to achieve, there's no regrets on the path that lead him here. So here we are, unpolished and as we are, Tjerk & Liquid Sunshine

Hear the new album below then click here to purchase the album and support

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