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A Message From Adam Willis


Adam Willis message to fans:

To all of the wonderful Passafire friends and fans,

It is with great regret to inform all of you that I will not be a part of the 2011 Winter Tour that Passafire will begin on January 20th. Unfortunately I have some personal issues that I must resolve during this time. I hope that all of you can understand that sometimes in life situations arise that take priority over our passions and our careers- both of which represent Passafire in my case. This, for me, is one of those situations.

Taking my place for this tour is a talented and more than capable good friend named Mike DeGuzman. Passafire has chosen Mike because he is exceptionally talented and more importantly embodies the music that we make. Please welcome him with open arms and show him the love he deserves for stepping in and helping out when we needed him.

I have dedicated over seven years of my life to Passafire and I will continue to do so for many more. Do not doubt that the band will do great things in 2011 and beyond. While I am resolving my personal affairs Passafire will be hitting the road and bringing their incredible live show to the east coast, midwest and Texas, and you can also expect a new album from Passafire very soon. All of this leads up to a very exciting tour in the summer of 2011 (more details about that to come). We have a lot brewing and are not slowing down any time soon!

That being said, I appreciate your understanding and patience during this time. The band will continue to tour to come see you, and we are excited for what is in store in the new year.

Thank you for being such wonderful fans.

Adam Willis

Keys, Passafire´╗┐

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