Friday, 16 August 2019 13:12

New Single Release: GYDNCE "On The Dance Floor" (Feat. The Late Ones)


Another Friday and that means a whole bunch of new music. One of the top tracks this week has to be from Denver Colorado's Gydnce. A band consisting of members from Tatanka, Andrew Maloney and Mike Caine. While Tatanka is finishing up their new much anticipated album the guys just pumped out a super sick song. "On The Dance Floor" features The Late Ones and this makes sense since they were featured on The Late Ones track "Crosses" released earlier in the year. Really loving that song I was really excited to hear this new one from Gydnce. Well it did not disappoint. I woke up this morning and grabbed my cup of coffee. Rolled the windows down and jammed the shit out of this track. It really hit on every part of the musical spectrum and truly gets you moving. My advice for the weekend is to add this song to your current playlist, or just follow MusicBailouts Newest Vibes Spotify Playlist by clicking here and repeat "On The Dance Floor" about 50 times.

To purchase On The Dance Floor ft. The Late Ones click here.  

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