Saturday, 22 June 2019 03:19

New Music Video: Bret Bollinger And The Bad Habits "Don't Look Now"


Bret Bollinger and The Bad Habits have released the new music video "Don't Look Now" from the album LO-FIBret is one busy dude. Lets run down a list of what he is up to.

  1. Live From Paradise Tour (Iration, Pepper, Forutunate Youth, Katastro)
  2. New Pepper album Local Motion June 28th
  3. Bret Bollinger And The Bad Habits Tour
  4. New Brett Bollinger and The Bad Habits Music Video
  5. Keeping fresh and updated with new gear
  6. Law Records

Bret is on fire right now and same can be said about the album LO-FI. This is album is top to bottom perfection and I can only hope each track is made in to a music video. As of now "Sober" and "Mama Don't Know" have music videos. This one is just as good and can be viewed below. If you have yet to hear the album WTF is wrong with you!! Click here to purchase LO-FI and see below for a list of tour dates.

Music Video Details:

Directed by Dark Fall Productions

Bret Bollinger Tour Dates:

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