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Tyler (Kounterfeit Change) What's In Your Playlist?

Kounterfeit Change will be releasing a new album soon but in the meantime you can find out what drummer Tyler Halloran has been adding to his music playlist as of late.

#5 Mayer Hawthorne - A Strange Arrangement
The second I first listened to this cd I fell in love with it. Mayer Hawthorne is an R&B/Hip Hop/Soul singer going back to Motown roots but blending in a touch of modern day hip hop. Every song is different but amazing in its own element.

 #4 Stranger “Some Kinda Sign” 
This 5 song EP packs a mean punch! Full of dub/reggae/rock that keeps me singing along to every song. This is one of those cd’s you can listen to from start to finish and leaves you wanting more, so I usually have to repeat it a couple times.

 #3 Pretty Lights - “Passing Behind Your Eyes
One of the best albums I’ve listened to in a long time, and his live show is just as crazy if not better than cd. Some the hardest hitting, body moving music you could listen to.

 #2 RX Bandits “The Resignation
Have always been and will always be one of my favorite bands ever. This cd is still being played in my car over and over after all the years it’s been out.

 #1 Flux Pavilioin - “Lines in Wax EP
HANDS DOWN the hardest hitting album I’ve ever heard. You play this album too loud you’re A.)Going to hurt your neck rocking out to hard and B.) Blow your speakers! Only 4 songs long but this is a must have EP.



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