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Alborosie - "Escape from Babylon To The Kingdom of Zion"

Some new school reggae with killer tones & samples. Consistently dank the whole way through. Great for the old school raggae head as much as the new listener who might need something with some more heavy-hitting beats to get down to. Great 420 disc.

Kanye West - "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"

There's no question the quality of his music far surpasses the quality of his character but I find it far too hard to hate on this record. Minus the Nicki Minaj cameos this whole cd is stellar from start to finish. His beats are insurmountable and unlike a lot of the rapper's out, he consistently uses clever word play while just giving a glimpse into his inner-workings and struggles.

LSK - "Outlaw"

I had to buy this cd from because it was not on itunes or anywhere else accessible. Some real cool and  original British reggae-jazz-pop.. I first found him through searching the b-sides collection of one time Columbus native, RJD2, he does a killer remix to "70's 80's"

Rage Against The Machine - Evil Empire

I've been spinning this record a lot lately. All singles aside, this record is a gem. "Down Rodeo" and "Without A Face" are my favorites. We need a new Rage album!

Chris Dunne What's In Your Playlist

Muse - Black Hole and Revelations

An amazingly innovative band. This album has to be one of my favorites to date. Their singer/guitarist Matt Bellamy takes a very creative approach to his guitar tones and effects to liken him to a pioneer such as The Edge (U2) or Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine, Street Sweeper Social Club, Audioslave). This album seems to maintain a heavier overtone than there previous few records while retaining a sense of dancable pop grooves.

The Clash - London Calling

A long running classic favorite of mine. Throughout their career The Clash took elements of punk, reggae, jazz, dub, and swirled it into a unique and timeless blend that bands still pull from for inspiration to this day. London Calling was a breakthrough record in its day that has survived the times and will always be a huge all time favorite of mine.

Yelawolf - Trunk Musik 0-60

A friend of mine hit me up with a mixtape from Yelawolf a few months back and I was blown away. This guy is definitely on the up and coming list for hip-hop. Trunk Musik 0-60, I believe, is his first commercial album and it's full of hard rhymes and killer beats from Drama, and DJ Burn One and cameos from Gucci Mane, and Raekwon. It features a blend of dark hip-hop but with a southern twist and the lyrics are killer, pulling inspiration from Yela's Alabama hills hometown. It's a little different in a very refreshing way with the current hip-hop trends.

Insolence - Audio War

Insolence, while known as more of a "nu-metal" group in most respects released "Audio War" pulling from more of a hip-hop/reggae/dub backing. This album has plenty of heavy riffing in the breakdowns and yet can shift immediately into a psychedelic groove in the same track. This record is very unique in the sense of the "nu-metal" and "reggae rock" markets, and has been on top of my IPod play list for every long road trip.

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