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Aaron Borowitz (Thrive) What's In Your Playlist?

Adele- 21
Once in a great while a singer comes along that channels the greatness of the days when Auto-Tune was not an option. For me when I heard Adele for the first time, I instantly became a fan. She sings with so much passion and I really like the arrangements of her songs. I also read her article in Rolling Stone and really liked the person they portrayed her to be.

Social Distortion - Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell
As a little kid my 4 older brothers always brought me to punk rock shows in the 90's and that's when i decided that I wanted to be in a band. Social Distortion channels some really deep meaning that isn't necessarily present in all "Punk" bands. Mike Ness's Voice also has such a gritty classic tone that is unforgettable and that I really like as well as the classic guitar tones throughout the entire album.

John Legend - Get Lifted
Another soulful singer that I really look up to. "Ordinary People" is a classic track that I seem to keep coming back to. The other night after we performed at Monterey Bay Reggae Fest, myself and my band mates watched a live recording of it on youtube without speaking a word until it was finished. John's voice reminds me of something you would hear in a church or some other spiritual gathering.


The Chambers Brothers - The Time Has Come
Recently I met Lester Chambers one of the main vocalists the 60's era soul-music group due to the fact that our saxophonist Scott lives with him and his son Dylan. This group originated in 1954. Some tracks have the kind of vocal harmonies you would hear in a Gospel style tune. Lester Chambers is now 71 and continues to tour and make records. He has been a great inspiration to me lately with his stories of The Chambers Brothers Gold Record Career. Thrive also writes music and rehearses at his home in Petaluma CA. What an honor to be around that kind of musical history!

Tribal Seeds - Soundwaves EP
I've been jammin' this EP quite a bit lately. I really likes Tribal's last record "The Harvest". "The Garden" had an infectious bass line that makes you move. This new EP has much of the same quality, but there's a different vibe to it with EN Young of Stranger's production and a more rounded smoothness. The songwriting is good and the album has a nice consistent feel.


Mumford And Sons - Sigh No More
Our Manager Dan turned me on to this band. One of the things that I appreciated most was that they sounded just as good if not better live. They Also remind me of the folk music my dad would play for me when I was a kid. Real timeless music to enjoy for years to come.


J Boog - J Boog EP
Every song this guy makes is catchy. I like the new track "Coldest Zone" on this EP. Great arrangements, and awesome vocals are what get me every time. Being a huge fan of all island-based artists, I definitely thing J Boog is a gateway for people to check out more bands in that scene : The Green, Kimie Miner, Anuhea, Maoli etc.

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