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Ian McGrath (The B Foundation) What's In Your Playlist?

#5 - Slightly Stoopid “Chronchitis
This is my current smoking music. It comes in and out of the rotation. Melodic and chill, with a little bit of blues, jazz, reggae, hip hop, world. I think it is their first studio record without a punk song. I love Slightly Stoopid's punk rock, but it was nice to keep the same chill vibe throughout the record. Perfect for getting lit.

#4 - Gym Class HeroesAs Cruel As School Children
This album is great to listen to all the way through. It has a cool concept. They have a great vibe. I would love to play a show with these guys.

 #3 - Avenged SevenfoldNightmare
They are all incredible musicians. Their musical ability is inspiring. Every album progresses to another level, and they have the ability to endure tragic loss.

 #2 - Rise Against "The Sufferer and The Witness"
I love Tim's voice. It's like a stick of butter that smokes cigarettes. I have yet to see them live, but I am always listening to them. The energy is always there in the heavier songs, and the softer ballads keep my attention as well. These guys can really write a song, as if the Billboard Charts haven't proved that already.

 #1 - Mad CaddiesConsentual Selections
I like the Mad Caddies a lot. I love playing the drums along with their records. Their music gets me really pumped when I am in an energetic mood. They have a seamless mix of so many genres of music. I have been listening to them for ten years now, and just recently had the opportunity to do a short tour with them drumming for The B Foundation. They rock.


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