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Skart What's In Your Playlist?

The Supervillains recently released their new album "Postcards From Paradise" but Skart wanted to let the fans know who was in his Playlist.

Manu Chau - Radio Bemba
When my wife used to live on South Beach and we were dating like 10 years ago, she introduced me to Manu Chau's studio recordings. We were touring with our friends the Mad Caddie and Sasha turned me on to some his more recent live stuff. His studio stuff is more composed and commercial, with many different textures to it. His live stuff is stylistically different, taking his biggest songs and jacking everything up to eleven and employing a big band just STUFFED full of assassins. The "Radio Bemba" album is a live album recorded at different concerts in Europe, South America, Mexico and others and Manu sings in various languages. You might not know what he's saying, but he does a great job of getting you to understand. The music speaks volumes about one of the biggest entertainers in the world.. the guy's a boss. Check out "Pinocchio", "Mr. Bobby", "Welcome to Tijuana"

Johnny CashAmerican Recordings
In my opinion, leaving this record off of a "best-albums" list would be like forgetting to add Genesis to the Bible. From the opening lines of the first track "Delia's Gone", which is about a lovesick man who just got done slaughtering his triflin' old lady out back behind the woodshed, you get the impression that Johnny aint here to put it easily.. he's here to tell it how it is. Some songs like "Drive On" and "Bird on a Wire" are so deeply emotional that just the thought of them make me want to run in my bed and hide under the covers. The older-model Johnny Cash connects with the audience like a retired war-hero re-telling old combat tales down at the VFW. Recorded bare-bones with just the Man in Black and an acoustic guitar, its a complete mastery of story-telling by one of the biggest cultural icons in American history.


The Beatles - “The White Album
Some bands are just so proficient and have so many hits that just trying to get into them is difficult because you don't know where to start. Such was the case with my relationship to the Beatles (Zeppelin and Radiohead come to mind as well). Dom is a huge Beatles fan and suggested to me a few years back to just sit down and listen to the White Album. Hey, the guy KNOWS me! I dont know how I could ever have gone that many years of my life without my buddies "Rocky Raccoon" or "Blackbird", but we are all together now.. best friends forever! I could gush all day about "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" or "My Guitar Gently Weeps" but chances are you already know, and I was just late to the party. This album is just an audio conveyor belt serving up a seemingly-endless supply of the tastiest cheeseburgers directly into the ear-holes of hungry listeners.


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