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Ro Hempel (Vibenhai) What's In Your Playlist?

The Beautiful Girls - Spooks
These dudes from Austrailia are making sick tunes and this record proves it.  I like how they touch alot of different styles, whether it's a laid back acoustic groove, dark dub, or smooth reggae, these guys are doin' it right.  I like to put on the track "10:10" in the van with the band before a show or in between our sets, while we are gettin' our heads on right. ;)

The Green- The Green
I dig this band for their smooth harmonies, catchy melodies, and great island sounding reggae tunes.  These brothers from Hawaii all switch off singing main vocal parts and are sick wit it.  All the way through, this album is awesome and it's been playing in our van steadily for some time now.  I like tracks "Runaway Train" and "Rootsie Roots" among others.

Keller and The Keels - Thief
Keller Williams is the man and bluegrass music runs deep in my blood.  Whether Keller's with a band or solo, he is just an incredible musician and performer.  This bluegrass record is all covers I believe and is another album that is legit from start to finish.  My personal favorite track on this cd is "Uncle Disney".  When I'm in the mood for some grass, this is a go to album for sure.


Katchafire - On the Road Again
More smooth reggae and killer vocals on this album, and New Zealand has some great players hailing from their beautiful island including these guys.  Awesome harms and catchy riffs that wont leave your head.  This record has probably been played the most in the Vibenhai van lately when we are traveling or hangin outside the venue.  Good Stuff


Can't Hang - Ride the Light Rail
I love this album because of the versitility of the styles once again.  Cant Hang can throw down thrashy punk rock at its best, then 2 seconds later drop it to some tasty one drop dubs like no other, and everything in between.  We love throwin this cd in to pump us up before a show or a house party.  I hope these dudes from Maryland can make it through the midwest soon for tour, i would love to see them live for the first time.  A couple a tracks I like off the top of my head are "95" and "Smile"

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