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Cage the Elephant - Thank You Happy Birthday
We actually saw Cage the Elephant live in Asheville, NC at The Orange Peel a few months ago and grew a new appreciation for them.  One of the most interesting new bands for sure.  They have amazing chemistry on stage and their 2 guitar players compliment each other extremely well with the correct amount of restraint.  Their 2nd album Thank You Happy Birthday is a bit heavier than the first (which we like a lot) but it still combines great lyrics, cool transitions, good production, and cool sounds.  The singer’s scream is one of the best around right now in our opinion.  Their ability to combine contemporary hard rock with being very Sonic Youth and Pixies-esque as well as reigning in and focusing their sound to be pleasing to the ear makes this album a must listen to.

Deftones – Adrenaline
This album just does it for us. Every song brings it hard and makes for an unbelievable first album release for the Deftones. The sounds are raw, the recording is raw, the emotion on the album is high. The Deftones are one of our favorite bands and this album just storms out of the gate and finishes strong. The drumming in particular is a bit more involved (and awesome) than the Deftones later albums, as Abe Cunningham definitely lets it rip on this one.

 Foo Fighters – Wasting Light
The Foo have definitely reached a high point in their career on this new album.  The album is as dynamic as they get and combines great songwriting, interesting changes, a great performance by all parties, awesome sounds, and a fire that is reminiscent of their very first album.  It is evident that the band has really grown and gelled together and it shows in this new album.

 Slipknot – All Hope is Gone
Talk about math rock.  This album just plain rules.  The drumming is incredible, the song arrangements are amazing.  The vocal melodies are perfect as they combine just the right amount of Corey Taylor’s hard screams with his amazing ability to actually sing melodically.  His range is incredible and this album shows it.  The band’s range is incredible too, and the ability of the guitars to sync up with the kick drum blows us away.  Great feel on this record, A+ from Slipknot.

Pearl Jam - Bootlegs
Lately we’ve been listening to a bunch of  live Pearl Jam tracks and they are awesome.  We really enjoy the Dave Abbruzzese (drummer) era as he has great energy and feel.  Abbruzzese is one of our drummer Steve’s favorite drummers at the moment and we all can see why.  Its amazing how cool Pearl Jam is to allow tapers and distribution of their live shows.  


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