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The Beatles – I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
This is one of my favorite tracks on my favorite Beatles’ album (Abbey Road).  The “heavy” rock riffs in this song, combined with Lennon’s growling voice, and one can understand why so many artists, myself included are truly inspired by the Beatles. If you don’t consider them as one of the greatest bands ever, I just don’t understand you haha.

The Meters – Ease Back
I really appreciate lyrics in songs, usually that’s what draws me in when checking out new bands.  The Meters, whose original lineup played together from the late 1960s to 1977, play mostly instrumental tracks, all of which scream Southern Funk and Soul.   All the guitar riffs are tasty as hell.  They don’t call em the Funky Meters for nothing. They are considered by many as the founding fathers of funk music, and many of their songs are sampled in Hip-Hop.

Dr. Dog – The Breeze

This band from the suburbs of Philadelphia has a vintage sound similar to The Band and The Beach Boys.  Their vocal harmonies are crisp on this track, and their two lead singers, Toby Leaman and Scott McMicken, are both exceptionally unique in their lyrics and vocal delivery.  Check out this track!  My favorite lyrics in this song are:

Are you movin’ much too fast

And the good times they just don’t last

If you’re always on the go

Make an angel in the snow…and freeze


Do you get dizzy, on the ground?/Must be something goin’ round

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