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Matt Epp (Silver Surfer Vaporizer) What's In Your Playlist?

Easy Star All Stars - "Dubber Side of the Moon"
This is the best record I have heard in a long time, everytime I listen to it I like it even more.

Bassnectar - "Wildstyle"
I can't get enough Bassnectar, this is by far my favorite album he has done.

The Black Seeds - "Solid Ground"
I'm new to the Black Seeds but they have become one of my favorites for sure, its nice to hear some original sounds for a change.

The Aggrolites - "Dirty Reggae"
This band is the shit!! If you don't know about the Aggrolites go listen to them immediately!

Passafire - "Passafire"
I can listen to this record from start to finish any day of the week, every song on here is dope!! I have a feeling they're new record is gonna blow my mind though, stoked!

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