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John Coltrane - Interstellar Space
The musicianship on this record paired with Coltrane's solo and melody ideas that come from another planet make the title of this record very appropriate.
Sometimes you have to squint when you listen to it because you're thinking so hard about how it's even possible to make the sounds this band makes.
Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsies
This is one of the funkiest, most innovative records ever for rock and roll and it's recorded live. It's Hendrix at some of his best vocal and guitar work, and billy cox and buddy miles make this one of the best Hendrix performances ever. This might be one of the funkiest, heaviest trio's ever.  Machine gun? C'mon. The best!
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
This record is essentially the beginning of heavy metal. It's one of the most innovative, heaviest, jazziest things on the planet.  Ozzy's voice is so refreshingly honest and soulful and Geezer Butler , Tony Iommi  and Bill Ward make the best rhythm section in rock and roll next to Led Zeppelin.  They are so far ahead of their time with this slow grooved out mix of songs.  If you haven't heard it you're missing out.
Jesus Lizard - Peel Sessions '92-'91
This is a take of a bunch of live session recordings from one of the weirdest and heaviest band that ever was. songs like boiler maker are the perfect mix of punk, funk, metal and stoner rock.  The vocals and lyrics are like nothing else out there, and at times hard to even get. This is one of those bands/albums where it takes  a few listens and then once you "get it" you're blown away. Truly genius.
Parliment Funkadelic - Mothership Connection
Funk, Soul and Rock and Roll.  How can I even explain how great this is? It's the biggest party on wax ever. It's a party on tape.
Clutch - Strange Cousins From the West
The latest release from our friends in Clutch is absolutely the best rock release last year.  The songs are catchy, funky and heavy.  50,000 unstoppable Watts and Abraham Lincoln are essentially classic songs.  This record will still be stunning in 20 years from now.
Steel Pulse - Living Legacy
This is an incredible example of why it's important to translate live to your audience. This record is recorded in Europe in front of what seems 40k plus audience and it's the tightest, grooviest reggae live show recorded. It rivals Marley  Live at the Roxy for it's sheer musicianship and energy. Steel Pulse proves on this they're the best reggae band still touring on the planet. No one can touch this show.
Heptones - Night food
from the opening track of Country boy to the Motown cover of "baby I need your loving" this vocal trio gives you chills as they sing the most soulful, in the groove reggae. With Flabba Holt, Horsemouth Wallace in the band, and some engineering from Lee Perry, The Heptones are the one of the best groups to ever come out of Jamaica.
Capleton - More Fire
This record is so raw, and capleton's voice is just pure power. It's such bad ass album full of great roots, modern and dancehall reggae. "hunt you" and "Danger Zone" are incredibly powerful tunes. The whole record is just nasty.
Ottis Redding - Soul Sessions
The Staxx Band backing Otis and him being 24 when he died really makes you think how incredible this guy really is. Soulful, Raw and energetic,  every track on this album is ripping. I can't say much more about Otis Redding then "damn".

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