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Lauren (Aloha Radio) What's In Your Playlist?

#5 Jenny Lewis- and her many projects
Jenny Lewis has been involved in numerous musical projects. Her most recent, Jenny and Johnny, definitely has a surfy vibe. She also has indie, folk and country styles. My favorite vocalists and a very witty lyricist, LOVE HER!

#4 Keepers of the Sun
Keepers of the Sun are an upcoming Psychedelic Indie band from Orange County, CA. We are good friends and play together often. All I can say is they are EPIC!

#3 Paul Simon
Paul Simon is a songwriting legend. Alex introduced me to his album Graceland about 3 years ago. Graceland is heavily inspired by South African music and was even recorded in South Africa and features South African musicians. It is one of my all time favorite records, we listen to it at least twice a week.

#2 Slacktone
Another huge influence on Aloha Radio's music. Slacktone is a really sick surf instrumental band. They have a punk twist and have a lot of high energy tracks. I am stoked to have the chance to open for them in a couple of months!

#1 Dick Dale
I'm sure you saw that one coming. Dick Dale is number one on my playlist because he is THE KING of SURF GUITAR. I am in love with traditional surf music it's what inspired my band, ALOHA RADIO. Alex (Guitar, Aloha Radio) and I spent weeks listening to and studying his guitar playing. We went to a couple of his shows and fell completely in love with his style and surf music. He's been on my playlist for years, I can't get enough. Favorite tunes: Misserlou, The Wedge, Taco Wagon

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