Katastro What's In Your Playlist?

Black Keys - "Brothers"
They are a raw, badass rock and roll band that is keeping that music alive for our generation.

The Dead Weather - "Sea of Cowards"
We saw this band live at Coachella and Jack White is an amazing songwriter. We dig anything he touches.

Rx Bandits - "... And the Battle Begun"
This is probably one of our favorite records by the Rx Bandits. They inspire us because they have always made the type of music they want and stayed true to themselves throughout the years, which is exactly what we attend to do.

We love slug. He writes about things that an everyday average person can relate to, and it’s able to effect a lot of people, including us.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Blood Suger Sex Magic"
They will always be one of the sickest bands that ever existed, period.

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