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Joshua Fischel What's In Your Playlist?

The Roots- Undun
Hands down best album of last year. Not only my favorite Roots album, but one of my favorites of all time. They really pushed the envelope on this one. The Roots are in a hugely enviable position as musicians. They have a very steady job on The Jimmy Fallon show, have their own rehearsal studio in Rockefeller Center and they get paid by NBC to practice all day long, every day. It completely takes the pressure off them so they don't have to tour themselves into the ground and can write whatever the fuck they want. Music sales don't matter to them at all anymore, so they just create. This album is the greatest piece of art General Electric ever helped to make and I don't think those corporate hacks have any idea what they have been a part of. Well played, Roots.

Iron and Wine - Kiss Each Other Clean
Second best album of last year. Sam's been doing a really sweet mellow/acoustic/arty thing for years but, like The Roots, he's brought it to the next level. This album is dance music for smart people. The opening track, Walking Far From Home, is like listening to an epic movie. Tree By The River is pure adolescence, rendered in song. Godless Brother in Love was one of my wedding songs. One of those songs I wish I wrote. Epic album.

Beach Boys - Smile (Vinyl Version)
Just as weird as it should be and twice as beautiful. It's like the Mount Rushmore of creative Rock and Roll. It's the album that drove Brian Wilson crazy. So glad they finally finished it.

Jesse Edwards
Jesse Edwards is a singer/songwriter/guitar player located in North County San Diego. The dude is a bad ass!!! I first saw Jesse play with his brother in The Smart Brothers and was completely floored by their songwriting, musicianship, and singing. They also played at my wedding last year in Montana. It was just damn beautiful. Recently, I saw Jesse play with his sister Christina and it was equally amazing. Their act is called "Oldest Boy and Girl". Please go check this dude out live. Whatever Jesse does is GOLD.

C-Money and The Players Inc. Acoustic
You know I love my boy Chris!! I played with Money and his guys for a Valentine's Day show at Winston's in San Diego and I was pretty blown away. These dudes were busting Nyabinghi-style Reggae, 808's, Old-School Country and California cool jazz. Shit was HOT!!!

Jimmy Herciuk
Jimmy is an amazing painter currently residing just outside of Sundsvall, Sweden. Jimmy is originally from Tennessee but moved out to Cali because of his love for our culture out here. For years Jimmy was always "that super wasted dude" at all the shows and then we started seeing his art. He moved to Sweden a couple years ago and has really transformed himself as an artist, and as a man. Late last year, I had the pleasure of visiting him, his beautiful girlfriend, Maja, his brand new baby boy and their amazing piece of land in Sweden. To be there with his family, and mine, has to be one of the great highlights of my life. I can't wait to go back!! I'm sure the Herciuks are freezing their asses off right now, curled up in front of the fire with a glass of whiskey and listening to Fats or Hank or maybe Yellowman on the record player right now. Next one is for you Jimmy!!!


Los Angeles Clippers
It's been a long time coming. My team is finally really good. Probably not good enough to be Champs this year but they gotta be one of the favorites for the next few years, right? GO CLIPS!!!!

Sous Vide
If you know me, you know I love to cook. Sous Vide is a way of cooking food that is vaccum-sealed and temperature regulated in a water bath. I got a Sous-Vide machine for our wedding. So killer for vegetables. You cook it to it's perfect temperature and don't lose any taste or nutrients. Sometimes technological progress is really horrible. Not here, folks.


Fats Waller- The Indispensible Volumes 1 & 2 (1926-1935)
My Valentine's Day present from my wife. If you don't know Fats, you've been sleeping for WAY too long.

James "Bobo" Fay
I've been good friends with Bobo since 1998 and now he's a TV star. One of the most classic people of all time and a true friend. I've got SO many good Bobo stories, (If he gets super famous, I'll write a "Tell-All" book about him!!! Just kidding Bobes!) but the one I'll leave you with is when he was Bargain Music's merch guy, if he didn't like you, he wouldn't let you buy our merch. No if, ands or buts. YOU. WEREN'T. GETTIN'. SHIT!!! We went broke on those tours but those memories are worth a million!!! Thanks Flobes!!!!!

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