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Howi What's In Your Playlist?

If you know anything about the lead singer of Ballyhoo! then you wont be to surprised by the choices he made for his current playlist. We caught up with Howard Spangler to find out if he had any shockers for us.

Green Day - Dookie
This is the album what got me to stop reading comic books and pick up a guitar. Up until I heard Green Day, my favorite band was Motley Crue and I wanted to be a graphic artist. This killed it. "Dookie" is in your face from front to back, pounding your ear drums. The melodies got me and I never looked back. I feel like a kid again whenever I listen to it. Also a good album to drive to.

This one will keep your head bobbing. So many good songs, but I think "Six" is my favorite. I gotta say that this is where Ballyhoo! gets their groove from. We love to make our audience bounce. Much respect to 311 for paving the way.


UB40 - “Very Best of..
This one is in constant rotation when I drive the tour van. I like a lot of UB40 songs, so it's nice to have them all in one place. Lots of covers, but they know how to make them sexy. Anybody should be able to get laid listening to this by candlelight with a special someone. Yeah, I'm kind of a romantic.


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