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Fiction 20 Down recently got to join Iration on the Fresh Grounds Tour and the band told MusicBailout who they had on their MP3 player during the run.

Fiction 20 Down What's In Your Playlist?


Bob Marley & The Wailers - Live at Stanley Theater "Live Forever"

Jordan gave me the cd for my birthday just before we left for the tour. I brought it with and we've been vibing to it for hours on end. I think it's his last recorded performances from back in 1980.

- D.J. (bass)

Incubus "A Crow Left of the Murder"

Incubus kills it. This album in particular is my favorite, mainly because of the production. One of the most well mixed albums I've heard in years. So much to listen for in every song, it def helps get us down the road.

- Jordan

Notorious B.I.G. "Ready to Die"

If you're coming up in the music business you can get discouraged at times. Just listen to "Juicy" when you're second guessing yourself. It gets your mind right.

- Jordan

Slightly Stoopid "Acoustic Roots Live and Direct"

These guys are real musicians. Of course they got the vibe going on, but they know their music, know their instruments and play the hell out of 'em.

- JBerdy

311 "Transistor"

Hypes us up. That's the bottom line. Love that old school 311.

- Dre



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