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Matt (Fan Submission) What's In Your Playlist?

The Aggrolites - Dirty Reggae
Just started getting into them, they got a unique retro ska reggae vibe. I think any reggae fan will appreciate them, favorite songs are Jimmy Jack, Womens Rules and Reggae Wonderland.

 Tommorrows Bad Seeds - Early Prayers
One of my favorite reggae surf rock albums, makes me want to paddle out. These guys kill it on the album from beginning to end. Favorite songs are Ten Fold, Vices and Rollin.

 C-Money & The Players Inc. - The Rebirth of Hip-Hop
Such a chill live album. C-Money kills it on the trumpet as usual and the beats are dope. The instrumental version of Blazing Love is tight and Lil Ghetto Boy.

 10 ft. Ganja Plant - Bush Rock
Another perfect chill album to blaze to. To me 10 ft. Ganja Plant is pure reggae dub at its finest. Not there best album but the song 10 ft Ganja Plant and Weed ft. Kyle from Stoopid makes the album for me, shits insane.

 The Supervillains - Postcards from Paradise
Ive been a huge Supervillains fan from there first album so i was pumped for the new one. They changed their style a bit but Im still diggin it. Best jams are stuck in the middle, puddles and bottom of the world.


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