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Michael Franti & Spearhead - Is Love Enough
This song really makes me think of the personal responsibility we all have in contributing to the common goal of peace, as well as the impact we all can make by putting forth the effort to be understanding and looking out for the welfare of others.

Bon Iver - Lump Sum
This song made a Bon Iver fan the first time I heard it. Its sweeping melodies and harmonies along with it's pulsing beat and soul searching lyrics captures me every time.

Freightened Rabit - Old Old Fashioned
"Turn off the TV, Its killing us, We never speak" Just a good feeling song about going back to the simple things of the past. The whole album "Midnight Organ Fight" is so amazing it is very hard to pick just one song!

Cas Haley - "Countin Stars"
Simply a great love song. Simply a great musician & mentor.

M. Ward - Requiem: From the album "Post War"
The production value in this song, as in the whole album, is worthy of Knighthood.

John Lee Hooker - No Shoes
Pure blues! Brings light to the plight of so many people who struggle just to provide food and clothing for their families.

Josh Heinrichs & Friends - Stand
What a great song to introduce Josh Heinrichs first solo full length album! Josh has a hit with this one! Big up homie!

NW Sons - Swimmin in the Sound: From their new album "Out of the Rain"
This song exemplifies the positive vibe that these guys are all about! I love every show I play with these guys super positive people with a great new album!

Bob Marley - Stir It Up
This is the song that got me into reggae music. Possibly my favorite song ever.

Radiohead - Climbing Up The Walls
This song crawls into my brain and jumps against the walls. I love the entire OK Computer album but the production and the lyrics on this song bring it continually into my playlist. Thom Yorke is my hero. The Easystar Allstar's version is great too.

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