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Chris Warner (Jet West) What's In Your Playlist?

Bob Marley – Exodus
Greatest Album of all Time!  Nothing else to say, it stays with me forever!

 Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
Every time I listen to this album I hear new ways to deliver the energy I am deriving from within out through my guitar.   The use of studio effects and synthesizers back then really opens up the doors to what’s available for bands even 35 years later.

 Slightly Stoopid – Longest Barrel Ride
Since I first got a hold of this album back in 1998 from my buddy Kris, it has really never left my play list rotation.  For a band to release 20 tracks on their 2nd album and do so with such diverse energy and force is truly something to draw inspiration from. Favorite track: “I’m So Stoned”.   Reggae, Punk and Ska at its finest!

 Sublime -  40 Oz. to Freedom
Bradley Lives Forever!  I probably listened to this album at least a 1,000 times and I still feel the love on the tracks like it’s the first time I ever heard them.   When I play some of the tracks it takes me back to my Chico State daze.

 311 - Transistor
This is the album that takes me away to a dream world every time I listen to it.  They mix reggae, ska, rap and rock into a blender and pour out a flavorful music mix for every fan to indulge in.  I can’t get enough of these types of influences when they deliver such radical and innovative styles for me to pull from.  This album has stood the test of time.


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