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CHAMPIAN (Tatanka) What's In Your Playlist?

#5  Easy Star All-Stars - Dubber Side of the Moon
This album rocks my world. I am a electro Junkie as well as a Dub junkie.  This album mixes both mediums flawlessly without losing its organic true Dub Side of the Moon sound.

 #4 Daft Punk - Live in Japan 2007
The best DJ's in the world. They mix their own songs back and forth throughout the whole set. You can feel the energy from the crowd. I love how house music is very similar to dub. It is extremely meditative, danceable, and repetitive. Classic set thrown down by the kings of house music.

 #3 Mike Snow- Mike Snow
Wow. Great great music. Very original. The dabble with electro tunes but keep the sound very organic. I can listen to the album on repeat over and over. Not to poppy and not to dark.  This album gets my mind away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
#2 Depeche Mode - Violater
I think this album start to finish flows like the Willy Wonka's chocolate waterfall. Some consider DM to be one of the first electronica acts to make it main stream. I would have to agree. It gets dark and creepy at times but something about that fatty synth bass just gets me going.
 #1 John Brown's Body - Pressure Points
Favorite album ever. Hands down, if you really want to get into it hit me up and we can discuss it. Now go listen!



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