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Casey Sullivan (Seedless) What's In Your Playlist?

Casey Sullivan, lead singer of the up and coming band Seedless, wanted to share with his fans what is currently in the rotation on his playlist. Being such an innovator himself of music for the up and coming Reggae Rock scene it is only fitting to see where he draws inspiration from.

RX Bandits - Mandala
This new album keeps growing on me every day. The guitar work and signature RX time changes keeps me coming back for more. Matt Embree has a huge influence on me vocally, and I strive one day to have such an amazing beard such as his.

 Passafire “Here In Front of Me
I tend to only listen to music that has a positive influence on me musically, or influences my life as a whole. This song hits both of those right on the money.

 The Green - “The Green
"Rootsie Roots", "Wake Up", "Love-I", "Alive" - I can have this album on rotation for two or three days straight and not even notice I am listening to the same band. The style that The Green bring is hot and I can't wait for the next album.

 Sublime - "Second Hand Smoke"
My brother gave me this album when I was 12. I have been a fan of Bradley's writing since that day. Every lyric or guitar note I write draws from some influence of Brad. You Crazy Fool.

 The Movement - "Set Sail"
"Set Sail" is one of those get me out of bed put a smile on my face type of tracks that I never get sick of. Loving Jordan's vocal style and they blew me away live when we played with them in Santa Barbara, CA.

 Ballyhoo! - "Front Porch"
Hands down my favorite song right now. I am a huge fan of mixing pop techniques into reggae. Howie's song writing is a step above the rest and to anyone who isn't listening to Ballyhoo! right now - it's time for an upgrade!



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