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Tribal Seeds’ latest release, Soundwaves EP ,is a perfectly timed summer EP. The EP contains five brand new songs following their 2009 release “The Harvest”. All five tracks are solid and are definitely worth the purchase and the listen. The title track features the guest appearance of Eric from Rebelution which adds an exciting factor to the song, and it does not disappoint. The song, with its simple yet addictive bass groove, keeps you bobbing your head, while the trading of verses between Steven and Eric blend together almost perfectly. Add a catchy chorus and you have a well-crafted song you will find yourself listening to and getting sucked on more than occasion.

“I’ll Return Again” is a nice melodic love song with beautiful percussion and keys work that is bound to be a crowd pleaser. “Right on Time” is another great love song. These songs really work together to set the listener at peace with a blissful loving attitude. “Slow” slows the tempo down with a hypnotic solo that grabs you for a ride through the entire song. The groove in this song will make it impossible to not find yourself rocking back and forth. The dub-feeling instrumental bridge is also a treat. “In Your Eyes” is the last track on the album. It brings back the happy and loving feeling that Tribal Seeds always seems to bring and closes the EP out on a good note.

Soundwaves EP proves to the scene that Tribal Seeds are still at the top of the game. Their addictive roots-inspired sound is always catchy and fits in perfectly with the vocal style. These five new songs will fit in their live set perfectly. This EP is worth a full listen. I would so as far as to say it is worth your undivided attention to check these songs out as well as catch Tribal Seeds in concert this summer.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hallman

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