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"The Melodramatics" Review by Shawn Hallman


The Melodramatics

"The Melodramatics"


With their first full-length studio release, The Melodramatics have managed to capture the careless party spirit of summer with their blend of music that is just what their name implies. This album is a mix of the mellower sides of reggae and dub found alongside the up-tempo dramatic urgency of punk rock and ska. This album helps put The Melodramatics on the map in the reggae punk scene, but still lacks the little extra that could have made it great. Musical development sometimes feels lazy as a few songs seem to use simple tempo or style changes in the place of strong melodic development and occasionally, otherwise solid songs are plagued with immature lines of lyrics. Even with a couple flaws, this CD manages to pull off a great deal of catchy hooks and danceable grooves that make one that should not be missed.

The album opens with the title track from their earlier EP “Dirty Beach”. This song gives the perfect first impression to the listener musically, and gives them a dose of the kind of fun this band brings to the table. The next two tracks, “Playing it Cool” and “Under the Influence”, are both excellent songs that bring the party mentality.  The Melodramatics really lead the album off on a strong foot that keeps the listener’s moving. The track “Goodbye” is one of my favorites and really shows the more serious thought out lyrical side this band has to offer. “A Better Tomorrow” is another strong track with interesting melodies and upbeat hand percussion. “All Day” is a strong point for the ska side of this album. Other songs such as “Blunted”, “Grow Room”, and “Mouth” all feel like they are lacking just slightly from the album’s stronger tracks, but even they still have their moments.

While this album isn’t quite perfect, there is a lot to enjoy. Everything from the subtle sound of rotary organs, to the lively sax lines, to the punk rock drumming, all the way to front man Caleb Saccheri’s vocals ,which fit in perfectly with the band’s style, help show just what this band is capable of. Only a few flaws stop this album from being as great as it could have been, but it is still an impressive full-length debut effort that shows a lot of potential for this band’s future.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hallman

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