Shoreline Jam Review

"Shoreline Jam" Review by Margo West

Shoreline Jam



Shoreline Jam- Long Beach, CA  September 3, 2011

What a magical Jam indeed! I was very excited to go to this event because I know about how much planning and positive vibes go into a festival-like showcase with multiple bands. 
My crew and I got a hotel in the Belmont area and knew that it would be a “WINNING” idea to take the $1 Passport Public Bus transpotation right into the Shoreline Jam facility.

Well, a lot of fellow Shoreline Jammers decided to do our very own brilliant idea of taking the bus… long story short it was about 3pm in the afternoon and the bus was filled with rowdy concert goers looking forward to all the sweet sounds of Sono Vero, Suburban Legends,Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Iration, Soja,  and Pepper. All of sudden on the way to the Queen Mary Events outdoor park, our bus driver proceeds to pull over in middle of Long Beach (still a few miles from Shoreline) walks right off the bus and gets on his cell phone! He’s calling the cops! Haha oh man, this was wild. My group decides it’s in our best interest to exit the bus and just walk the rest of the way there! So besides being a few bands late to the Jam I was overwhelmed with my love of irie live music and ready to get in!
My photographer- Mike Davids- was only allowed to shoot from Sono Vero’s set through the beginning of Soja’s set... due to way party foul—of a fellow photographer walking in front of Bobby Lee during their set!!! This arose frustrations, however Mike being the champ I know he is... caught some great shots of the Shoreline Jam!

Follow me on my journey:


Sono Vero- 17 and 18 year olds taking over the world !!!


Moi from Tomorrows Bad Seeds- breathing his fire!


Pat from TBS- “must be a la muneca if you’re still standing still!”


Jacob (SOJA) and Marley (Rebelution)
Even though Rebelution was not on the Shoreline Jam bill- Marley attended in support of the scene and his friends. Even rapped on stage along side SOJA.


My personal view during SOJA’s set. (Photo credit- Brooke Garcia) Didn’t stop dancing or singing along to the lyrics the entire set. They had the most clutch set as well. Summer Breeze, Here I Am, and I Don’t Wanna Wait… get my EVERYTIME. They started at the beautiful sunset that transitioned into night which was when the crowd started to really get rowdy! We even got to introduce ourselves and let Bobby Lee know how much we loved their music! Plus the high five to Jacob after I told them were amazing… no. big. deal. 


Sorry that there are no photos from Iration and Pepper’s sets. L The photography production was shut down. Kind of special in a way if you think about it… only those there in attendance knew how epic the entire day and evening was. My advice… you only live once, attend as many shows as your heart desires! One Love

See you next year Shoreline Jam!!!

Article written by Margo West

Photos by Mike Davids

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