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"The Gun EP"


Sand Section’s "The Gun EP" is one to get excited about. The EP provides a solid five songs loaded with pop and reggae. Sand Section manage to stay far away from the typical pop song equation, and instead bring about more interesting song structure and instrumentals that beg for your undivided attention to hear finely-crafted subtleties.

Bad to Worst” gets the EP rolling along. It is an excellent and catchy song that sounds along the lines of Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds. “Closed Eyed Paradise” is one of my favorites that didn’t really catch my attention on the first listen through, but is now stuck in my head. It’s a feel good cute song that is sure to brighten your day. “Spit Shine” brings the reggae back and develops into an impressive solo section. “Pixelated Romance” was somewhat of a letdown for me replacing the interesting instrumentals and melodies with a simple country-inspired rhythm. “The Gun”, the title track, hooks you from the intro and jumps right into a nice mellow rock feel that continues for the rest of the song.

The Gun EP has got my attention and has me excited to hear more from these guys. I thoroughly enjoy the direction this band is heading in and the amount of progress they have made in the past couple years. Sand Section is definitely a band worth listening to, and what better way to do that then with 5 fresh songs!

Reviewed by: Shawn Hallman

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