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"Tidal Wave"



Rootdown’s long awaited first full-length album Tidal Wave is a highly-polished effort full of pop, rock, and reggae along with funk and some hip-hop that are all radio ready. It is almost impossible to find any blemishes in this well thought-out and well put together album.

The album kicks off with the track “Good Day”. This uplifting song is a great introduction as it prepares the listener for the good day that listening to this album will bring. It is also a great song that I have found myself playing at random times throughout the day and would be a great addition to any happy-spirited playlist. The next song, title track “Tidal Wave” shows Rootdown’s club-ready rock side. My personal favorite “All I Wanna Do” is an amazing groove-filled love song that is just begging for crowds to sing along with. “Golden” continues the romantic mood and manages to combine everything from an anthem chorus to verses mixed with pop-rock and hip-hop.

“You’re Mine” and “Storm Warning” are both impressive tracks that fit wonderfully right in the middle of this album. “Storm Warning” transitions well into “Growing Up”, leaving a nice relaxed feel for the listener to enjoy as the album gets closer to its end. “HB” picks the uplifting spirit back up and, thanks to its interesting percussion, makes dancing irresistible. That dancing mood doesn’t stop either as another one of my personal favorites “Karl Malone Wears a Cowboy Hat” combines outdated references with some excellent funky bass and drums that seem to work really well for Rootdown. This song has left me hoping for some more funk-inspired tracks on their future releases. Maybe a “John Stockton Wears a Turban”? The album finally ends with another happy song called “Weekend” that is thankfully nothing like Rebecca Black’s.

With the release of Tidal Wave, Rootdown has proven that not all the great West Coast reggae/rock bands have to come from California.  This Oregon group is definitely one to keep an eye on. I would recommend this album to all and I suggest that everyone go sample the entire album over at the band’s official website:

Reviewed by: Shawn Hallman

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