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"On The Rise"


Kings & Comrades originally formed as a two-piece acoustic duo made up of songwriter and vocalist Jeff McCaughey and drummer/percussionist Steve Morris, and the smooth acoustic reggae roots sound is prevalent in their music.

Despite the duo adding members on bass and keyboards, Kings & Comrades retain a predominately acoustic sound.

Kings & Comrades hail from the City of Brotherly Love and that theme is seen throughout their music, the reggae ideals of justice, love for your fellow man and truth.

The four-piece, completed by Dennis Stolle on bass and Brandon Paster on keyboards, are well known around Philadelphia, playing the World Café Live and headlining The Trocadero Main Stage.

Opening track Guide and Protect is a simple song about protecting a loved one and sets the tone for the rest of the EP, a gentle, laidback ride.

Title track On the Rise – ‘stay positive, while we plant the seeds of love’ – a little ditty which starts with a bass line and then opens up into a melodic tune about rising up and taking what you desire.

Rise Above is your typical reggae roots tune, justice for all, rising above the hate and discrimination. ‘Hold up take a look, what do you see, see the youth brainwashed by society’.

The band will release their latest EP On the Rise, recorded at Studio 4 in November, this coming Tuesday 06/28.

Reviewed by: Michael Cotton

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