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"Jet West-True Press" by Brendan Clemente

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"Jet West-True Press June 9th Winson's Beach Club"

Laser-lights, smoke machines and hundreds of people smiling and dancing... this wasn’t a rave, it was Jet West’s homecoming show in Ocean Beach, CA. Featuring True Press, San Diego’s own Patrick Lanzetta and, of course, Jet West, Saturday June 9th was not a night that will be soon forgotten.

        Patrick Lanzetta opened up the night at Winston’s Beach Club with a heavy-hitting acoustic set. The talented musician filled the room with both originals and covers as people poured in the door. It was an energetic acoustic set, and the presence of a drummer playing full-kit intensified the show. By the time Patrick left the stage Winston’s was nearly packed, and the crowd was eager to be hit with more music. True Press was more than up for the job.

True Press is one of the larger up and coming progressive-reggae bands from the LA area. These guys rocked a huge set up at the California Music and Arts Festival in Monterey a few weeks ago, and brought the same high-energy vibes and beautiful vocal harmonies to San Diego. One of the coolest parts of the band is how awesome their drummer K.P. lays vocals down... he not only throws in killer harmonies, but sings lead vox on quite a few of the parts. These guys got the irie vibes flowing at Winston’s, and set the crowd up for the reggae-rock blowout Jet West was ready to deliver for their hometown fans.

        The club hovered around capacity as Jet West humbly took the stage from out in the audience. Smoke from the smoke machines filled the room (at least some of it was from the machines), and green lasers pierced into the crowd. From the second the opening chords rang, the whole club was set in motion. Their faster and heavier style laced with catchy reggae undertones proved to be the perfect combination for the energetic audience.



         Usual lead guitarist Chris Warner was out with a broken leg, and filling in was Mason Proud (formerly of Boom Culture). He added a great Hendrix-ish energy to the band. This energy was complemented by local musician Jack Taylor on trumpet, and these guys seamlessly weaved between Scott Floquet’s powerful vocals and Derek Potter’s groovy drum beats. Jet Wet is a band with a refreshingly alternative Socal beach sound, and they aren’t afraid to get heavy. A great example of this is fan-favorite ‘Alone’, which leaves bassist Deren Schneider’s screamo-style vocals echoing through your head well after the song is finished. Hitting the audience with a roller coaster ride of high-energy jams and powerful build ups, the musical force they brought on stage had everyone dancing.

        Highlights of the set included “Waiting” and “Free” (two energetic and unreleased tunes off the new album) and a dubstep-ish MIDI keyboard jam with special guest Nathan Daniel Ledgerwood of Ease Up. These songs got major crowd response and provided a well-rounded set for Jet West’s hometown rager. Plus, just about everyone in the audience got hit with some type of Jagermeister schwag, and it’s always better walking out with more than you went in with! Winston’s and the entire crowd got rocked once again, and it always feels good to be hit with that much music.

        The reggae-rock scene in San Diego is primed for big things in the near-future, and this show in Ocean Beach was a perfect example. Be on the lookout for these bands and more to make some big moves on the national scene soon! In case you missed it, this show was taped with high-def video and soundboard quality audio as well, so be expecting some great videos to surface soon.


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