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Review By Mike Cotton

For a man born in Long Beach and raised on the mean streets of Compton, it would have been easy for J Boog to have drifted into a life of hip hop and rap but thankfully for reggae fans, the singer, of Samoan descent, has stayed true to his roots and delivered an EP of feel-good island reggae.

J Boog’s latest EP, the J Boog EP, drops June 14 and features five brand new tracks, along with three previously released songs, including the smash hit Let’s do it Again.

A full release is set for later on the year and will feature the likes of reggae legend Richie Spice, Fiji, Morgan Heritage and Tarrys Riley, as well as J Boog’s fellow Long Beach native, Snoop Dogg.

The overriding theme behind J Boog’s music is quite simply love. J Boog writes island music mixed with reggae-tinged love songs - and it works. Sunshine Girl is a perfect example of this – a tune dedicated to the ideal island girl – the Sunshine Girl. The up-tempo beat pervades the song, while the clever mix of smooth vocals and rapping is infectious.

While most of J Boog’s tunes work best when they are set to a mid-to-high-tempo beat, the track Waiting on the Rain demonstrates that the big man can slow it down.

The EP’s standout track, apart from the brilliant Let’s do it Again is the superb Every Little Thing.

The J Boog EP certainly does its job, leaving the listener wanting more and fans eagerly anticipating the new album.

Reviewed by: Mike Cotton

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