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"Do Not Feed The Radio" Review by Shawn Hallman


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"Do Not Feed The Radio"


Fiction 20 Down is a full and pleasant sounding three-piece from Baltimore, Maryland. Their new EP Do Not Feed the Radio is a good mix of uplifting songs meant for a good time. The main thing that sets them apart from other reggae fusion bands is the vocal styling of front man Jordan Lally. His unique and cheerful voice sets a feeling of calmness over the melodies which lay easy on the ears. Do Not Feed the Radio is an easy to enjoy EP.

Say So Long is a very catchy song full of subtle transitions that never lets the groove die out for a single beat. The next track Victorious is another uplifting and enjoyable song, but the following track Neighbor’s Cup seems like a weird fit in the middle of this EP. It’s a nice simple drinking song, but it seems like it may be enjoyed more by a large crowd rather than while you are sitting alone in your bedroom. Maudlin got me right back in the F20D spirit. It’s got a bit more of a rocky edge to it then the band’s other songs, but it is a well written song and I found myself getting really into this track. It was the most memorable and the most enjoyable of the 5 songs. The solo near the end adds some much more to this excellent song. The final song, title track, Do Not Feed the Radio ends the album on an positive note that would make any mother proud. The track perfectly summarizes the album by showcasing of the strongest elements of F2D’s style.

At only five songs, you have almost no excuse not to give Do Not Feed the Radio a full listen. These five songs have grabbed my attention. The EP, while not perfect, is an enjoyable experience that gives me high hopes for this band’s future.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hallman

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