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Hailing from Los Angeles California, Bodhi Rock Splash into the So-Cal Reggae pool generating a giant wave of promise and potential with their self-titled debut E.P.

The band formed in late 2009 when a collaboration of working musicians’ came together to blend a mix of Reggae, Rock, Funk and Ska with beautiful ambient song writing delivering a concrete first work.

The EP starts off with Cali life, an upbeat song which engulfs listeners in an eccentric vision; attractive weather and a stress free life, no fuss, no fight, livin’ the Cali Life.  The horns on this song are fantastic and accent the song exceptionally well! Sean Barrett keeps the bass rhythm at work throughout the track and fully supports the songwriting. The bands true talent is showcased in this song and producer John Avila’s (Oingo Boingo, Reel Big Fish, Quetzal) work is faultless.

Is It The Way shows off Arianah Harville’s soulful vocal charm. This song is a little softer with a gentle R&B flow backed by a reggae rhythm. This track definitely has an Easy Star All Stars impression and with a slamming chorus, there is no doubt it’ll be stuck in your head days after the album stops spinning. Not to mention a handsome guitar solo by Andy Lee towards the end of the track.

Babylon is easily my personal favorite on the album. Vivid vocals, fast flowing lyrics, flawless horns and another unstoppable chorus.  Babylon is an instant classic and is sure to be a crowd pleaser in a live environment.

Seven Steps is a perfect example of Bodhi Rock’s ability to increasingly build up their energy and release it at just the prefect time. Arianah’s vocals on this song are certainly some of my favorite on this short album and Jonathan Wang‘s Saxophone solo towards the end is remarkable.

The album is ended by a seven and a half minute Dub that combines the perfect combinations from all four previous tracks. An innovative assortment of ambient vocals, space-age keys and swirling guitars. 

Bodhi Rock’s debut mixes a pure blend of the perfect ingredients; breakdowns, build ups impeccable vocals, concrete reggae rhythms, inventive keys, carousing guitars, all topped with a blazing horn section. A recipe worth repeating. The album simply gets better as it spins and the only frustration you’ll find is that five songs aren’t nearly enough.

FOR FANS OF: The Easy Star All-Stars, SOJA, The Green


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Final Verdict: 90%


Written and reviewed by Benjammin Van Lom

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