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"Day To Day Living"


Following their 2008 release of Revolutionary Roots, Austin-based ASHES OF BABYLON’s newest effort, Day to Day Living is an album that should catch the ears of listeners all around the reggae/rock community. Day to Day Living is the type of album where you are able to notice just how much effort the band has put into their music and crafting their sound. Having eight talented musicians, this band is able to constantly mix their sound up with everything from soulful vocals to rap, guitar and bass jams to melodic brass solos, and head nodders to feet movers.

The first thing Ashes of Babylon fans are going to notice about this CD is how well the band was able to capture all the energy of their live shows into one 14 song album. The albums kicks off immediately with title track “Day to Day Living”, a song which I am sure most of us will be able to relate to. This song is one of the best on the album and gets the energy going. The next track, “Right Time” slows the tempo and sets the mood. “Thunderhit” is another excellent high-energy track. “I Suppose” deals with a failed romance with music the perfectly complements the mood. “Put It Away” is a catchy song that gets back to the roots side of reggae/rock.

Fans of the band’s first album, Revolutionary Roots, will enjoy the remastered versions of the hidden songs. "How You Feelin’" is seamlessly answered by “Feelin’ Good”, two great tracks that deserved to have a track number and title and now rightfully do. “Nana’s Song” shows how well-polished the AoB machine is by dubbing it up a bit. “Masters of the Universe” kicks off with a friendly guitar riff with a nice tone followed by a beautiful hip-hop vocal flow that attacks throughout the song. “World in Trouble” is a solid track with a mellow solo that’s perfect for relaxing to. “Blueberry Magic” brings about a jazzier feel and “Beauregard Dub” proves once again that AoB can crank out solid dub songs. “Louisiana (My Home)” closes the album out with a song that is sure to touch the band’s hometown following and be a fan favorite when the band rolls through Louisiana.

Day to Day Living captures a range of dynamic songs, all carefully put together to create a wonderful album sure to be worth buying. Day to Day Living is Ashes of Babylon’s next step forward and is sure to bring in new fans and impress the old.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hallman

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