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"Cabin By The Sea" Review By Guerin Williams


cabin by the sea



In 2010, breakthrough single “Lay Me Down” spent eleven weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Alternative Chart, more than any other single that year. Since then, The Dirty Heads have spent a great amount of time touring with major acts such as Sublime with Rome, 311 & Pepper. Two years after the re-release of their debut album Any Port in A Storm, The Dirty Heads have returned with a concept album full of stories to keep you entertained, all Summer long.

The adventure starts off with “Arrival”, an acoustic intro that sets the foundation for the rest of the album. Jared “Dirty J” Watson paints an ocean landscape with his lyrics, accompanied by the sounds of waves crashing and Seagulls squawking. On the second song and Title track, Dustin “Duddy B” Bushnell lets people know they have now arrived at the Cabin By the Sea:

Well come with me/
To a place by the sea/
If the ship breaks down/
You can always find me.../
And Dirty J chillin'/
Underneath the shady tree/
Our fans are always welcome/
With our friends and family/
And we wish you could stay,/
As long as you please/
Just lend a helping hand,/
In our cabin by the sea/
Well every day is beautiful/
The sun, the sand, the breeze/
And everybody lives together,/
Here in Harmony/

Cabin By the Sea's laid-back vibe is a noticeable difference from Any Port in A Storm, with each song flowing into the next one effortlessly. The band has definitely spent time refining their catchy lyrics and diversified melodic style.

A major highlight of Cabin By the Sea is the super-star cast of features. Kymani Marley assists in serenading the ladies on the song “Your Love,” while Matisyahu brings the heat with the party track, “Dance All Night.” Rome collaborates with the band again, this time on the funky track, “Mongo Push.” The gritty hip-hop track, “Smoke Rings,” featuring Del The Funky Homosapien shows the edgier side to The Dirty Heads sound:

This is ridiculous, I have a sickness/
The grass is always greener I said, “fuck it, burn the picket fence”/
Pestilence, eyes rolled back, pure mescalin/
Moody little bitches, I'm force feeding you some estrogen/
Always keep you wet see, Mermaid pussy/
Ever seen the movie “Kids”?, “No legs, don't push me”/
I am making sculptures, you are using plaster/
Screaming while your dreaming, MCs need a dream catcher/

On The Dirty Heads Official Website, Dirty J is quoted to have said, “Last time was our first time in the studio, working with a producer. This time out, we nailed it. We trimmed the fat and got the sound we were always going for.” If there was any comparison to the legendary Sublime, Cabin By the Sea has definitely given The Dirty Heads a musical identity of their own.

After listening to Cabin By the Sea, I listened to Any Port in A Storm again, and it made me love the new album even more. This is truly an album made with patience, and love.

01 – Arrival
02 – Cabin By the Sea
03 – Disguise
04 – Spread Too Thin
05 – Your Love (feat. Kymani Marley)
06 – Mongo Push (feat. Rome)
07 – Dance All Night (feat. Matisyahu)
08 – Hipster
09 – Notice
10 – Day by Day
11 – Smoke rings (feat. Del the Funky Homosapien)
12 – Burn By Myself
13 – We Will Rise
14 – Best of Us
15 – Love Letters
16 – Farewell

Notable Songs: Cabin By the Sea, Dance All Night, Smoke Rings, Burn By Myself

Overall rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Guerin Williams

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