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Sons of the Beach started about 7 years ago with Alex and Mike and has progressed into a laid back surf reggae sound. With the additions of John Justice on the bass, Allen on the drums and horn section, the sons have completed their search for the perfect combination of music and friendships and have since 2008 started their quest to reach all audiences. All south Texas natives the sons strive to implement their own twist on cultural and island music. A mix of island sounds, reggae, acoustic, Latin and rock the sons have not forgotten their roots and their proximity to the border is an underlining theme in the majority of their music. All sons being high school friends and sharing the same interests in music, with half of the band being music school graduates, they look to take their friendships and similarities to the next level, by allowing their music to reach out to all ages and walks of life, joining all listeners in their laid back island world. Only together for a little over one year the Sons of the Beach have progressed all over the state of Texas, self booking and self promoting. With a few National Act opening spots earned through fan base word of mouth and media coverage the Sons of the Beach continue to look outside of the state of Texas to turn their unique compellation of sounds and vibes into a national and internationally known franchise. Known for a commanding stage presence and for their exhilarating live performances, the Sons of the Beach are demanding attention all over the state of TEXAS, and don’t appear to be stopping anytime soon!!! "ALL WE NEED IS OUR BEACH AND BEER...PASS ME THE GUITAR...LIFES NOT HARD....SHUT UP AND PLAY! .


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