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Born in 1978, Ikaika Makanui Beamer was raised in Hanalei, on the island of Kauai, surrounded by members of Hawaii’s most beloved musical families. Ikaika established his love for music early. A child with a love for reggae, hip-hop and Hawaiian music, he has always been on the edge of the reggae sound creating a style with a combination of the three genres.

After college, Ikaika moved to San Diego, California and started the band Sticky Situation. Sticky Situation quickly catapulted into the heart of the Southern California music scene playing ikai-streetnumerous venues and local surfing and skateboarding events. “I couldn’t believe how fast people related to me and my music, I was truly grateful to play anywhere and everywhere I could,” he says. After three years of performing on the West Coast, Ikaika moved back home to
Maui, Hawaii, to continue writing and creating new music. Now he currently resides in Arizona continuing his pursuit of getting his music heard.

“In my family, music was just always around, and it was taken very seriously,” Beamer says. “It was always a passion of mine, and I’ve never stopped trying to write songs that people can love and relate to. I believe that everyone can relate to good music and lyrics, and I have a message to get out. But Hawaiians are up against a shallow stereotype often demeaning to the native culture.” It has been the life passion of Ikaika Beamer to counter such images.


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