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The birth of HaleAmanO dates back to August of 2005. The Name Haleamano comes from the Hawaiian meaning, "House of the Sharks". Sharks symbolize strength, power, and a need to eat. Everyday is a new day, and every new day is filled with new experiences which is what HaleAmano lives by day in, and day out.

HaleAmano is a fusion of different music formed into one genre of Reggae. From their varieties of Roots, Rock, Reggae, R&B, and Dance hall. Many would say that their music is like Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, etc... Each member in the band carries their own style of music inside them. That is the formula to HaleAmano music.


In 2007 HaleAmano finally got a chance to be a part of a new beginning. Opening the 2007 pure Aloha Fest. It was a breath taking experience for them. It helped open many doors for them to carry a living dream come true. Since then, HaleAmano has progresses and has opened for many island Reggae artists such as Ho'Aikane, Ekolu, Braddah Waltah, Chief Ragga, Kontiki, Sashamon, Cecilio and Kapono, and Ten Feet. Today HaleAmano is partners on stage with recording artist Pati.


HaleAmanO landed their first radio airplay during the month of August 2008 in Las Vegas on 91.5 KUNV and online at Pipeline 2 Paradise 24/7 radio Broadcast with their hit originals such as "Love Me 4 Me", "Jammalicouz", "Temptationz", and "Island People".


To these boys music is their life. Its a mystic feeling that moves the soul. Roots Reggae is a spiritual element of music. HaleAmanO embraces to spread the love and word of the almighty I.


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