Interview with Bianca Schlosser of Seranation

To start off how is the tour coming along with Kash’d Out and Tunnel Vision? I had a chance to see you guys in San Antonio and the energy was amazing!

Bianca: The best way I can describe the tour so far is crazy, but awesome. Tunnel Vision and Kash'd Out are great guys, we all just put on the show and the rest is a bunch of laughing and good times. We've been to so many beautiful cities too. The road can be tiring but also one of the most rewarding experiences you can have, to meet all of our fans is an incredible feeling. ""Livin the Dream" was different because I feel we all had come into our own a little more as musicians and writers. A more experienced and well rounded Seranation."

Is this your first cross country tour? If so what are some of the things you are learning about being on the road?

Bianca: This is our first cross country tour, so we are truly grateful to be a part of it. Some of the things I've learned is to sleep whenever you get a chance, no matter where or what time. If you can, just do it! Of course the other thing is just to play every show like it's your last. You need to leave your mark in every city and just kill it.

Tell us a little about how the band formed?

Bianca: It all started when Adam and Jay met on a beach in our home town 4 years ago. Adam was playing his guitar near the water, Jay heard it then came over and started singing. This jam later became the song "All day" on our latest album. The rest is history.

Talk a little about the scene out in Florida, any bands in the area people should check out?

Bianca: The music scene in FL is amazing. So much support and people that love coming to see live music. Some of the bands that come to mind are Resinated, the Ries Brothers, No Need, Guerrilla Panic and of course Kash'd Out but you already knew that.

How did the signing with Law Records for the band come about? Who did you hear from at The Law Records camp and how did they first hear Seranation?

Bianca: Our opportunity with Law records came about thanks to our producer and manager, Greg Shields of Kash'd Out. He showed Yesod of Pepper our song "Turn it up" shortly after we recorded it and Yesods own words, "Greg played me the song Turn it up, I liked it so much I knew we had to put it out right away! I couldn't even wait for the record. That song is still stuck in my head, ha!".

What kind of words of inspiration or advice have the boys from Pepper given to you?

Bianca: Obviously Pepper's songs have inspired all of us but our singer Jay actually had a conversation with Kaleo of Pepper a few years ago that stayed with him. Jay had said to Kaleo at a show that he loved his songs and he sings them all the time. Kaleo responded with "Thanks man, I can't wait to be singing your songs one day". And here we are.

When recording the new album Livin’ The Dream what was different from this album compared to the first? Did anyone from The Law dip their hands in to the creativity for the album or help with direction?

Bianca: We actually recorded both of our albums "Island Thinkin'" and "Livin the Dream" with the same team. Greg Shields produced both records along with our incredible engineer Josh Saldate. "Livin the Dream" was different because I feel we all had come into our own a little more as musicians and writers. A more experienced and well rounded Seranation.

How long did it take to record the album? Any interesting stories during the process?

Bianca: I would say it took about 6 months to record the album because we would do it in increments, the whole album wasn't even all written when we started! We just knew we wanted to get it going as soon as possible. Even though there were some crazy times recording our latest album, what comes to mind is when we recorded "Island Thinkin" and we had to literally sell instruments and valuable items to pay for the recording of that album. We literally gave the shirts off our back so to speak.

Who came up with the whistle portion in Bonita?

Bianca: Our guitar player Adam actually came up the the whistle for Bonita . We had no idea it was going to catch so well with our fans . Now we have the whole crowd whistling with us at shows and asking for the "whistle song".


I am always curious when a band puts out an album how many songs were actually recorded. Did Seranation record more songs but maybe didn’t make this album and plan to release for something in the future?

Bianca: We had written a few songs that didn't make this record but they have yet to be recorded. After tour we plan on hitting the studio and who knows you may be hearing a single to follow up the album sooner than you think!

Any collaborative things being worked on while on the road with Kash’d Out or Tunnel Vision?

Bianca: We have all jammed a bit on off days and messed around but nothing too serious! There is still a half a tour left though so there is still plenty of time to make that happen! That would be epic.

Once this tour wraps up what are the plans after? I am hoping for a quick turnaround to tour again.

Bianca: We have talked a little about what's in store for us when the Tour ends, but nothing is set in stone. I am sure another tour is in store for us sooner than later and possibly hit the studio and start making some music! Either way we are just out here "Livin' the Dream"!

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