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It took awhile for your new album "Ride The Lightrail" to make its way into national online vendors. What impedes that kind of process and do you think that helps anticipation?

Tracking was finished in April, but it wasn't until late July that we had a final mix mastered. We wanted to make sure that the final product would be something we could stand behind 100% with no compromises and I think we accomplished our goal. On top of that, it takes a couple months for online vendors like iTunes to process it and put it up for sale, so it wasn't until late September that it was available everywhere.

I really love the new album and think its your best effort to date. For fans of your previous releases, what can you describe about this album that makes it unique from the others.
Thanks, we're glad you like it! An important part of the sound of this album was deciding to work with Jocko at More Sound Studio. We had been big fans of his sounds for awhile and were psyched to get to work with him. More Sound is in Syracuse New York and this was our first time really getting away and immersing ourselves in the studio to make the album. "Recording in Baltimore, you tend to take care of your regular life in between sessions, but being away from home, you really get to eat sleep & breathe the recording process." Plus we arrived to 2 feet of snow in New York in February. Recording reggae style music in the snow is AWESOME.

I am always interested in the recording process for new albums. When you go in to it do you have all your songs prepared? Are there any that are spontaneously created in the studio?
Most of the material was prepared prior to going to New York. Starting in August 2008, we'd meet twice a week to work on new material. We'd record demos and send them to Jocko (our producer) who would make notes & suggestions. The writing process took about 5 months. Still, some of the songs changed during the actual recording process. "Just For You" changed dramatically in feel compared to the original version we put out on The Pier last summer. "Don't Exist" was the only song that was birthed in the studio though. It was melded together with parts of other songs we weren't going to record and ended up being one of our favorite tracks.

Which song, new or old, do you suggest to a first time listener of Can't Hang that defines your music and why is it you choose this song.
"Trouble" off of Blood Sweat & Beers. I think that song best embodies our favorite musical styles, from reggae one drop to thrash punk. Off the new album, I'd suggest "Don't Exist" for the same reason.

canthangrideAs we speak you guys are about to do a run of shows over in Florida. Good weather, the women, the up and coming scene, what is it that got you guys out there for 10 shows?
3 words: Sun, Beach, and Party. Repeat as necessary for 11 days. Life is good.

I know there is no competition but how do you feel the East coast scene is different from the West?
See Rob's answer in the video...

Do you think being in California is a huge advantage for a lot of the Reggae Rock artists?
I'd say it depends on the band. The conventional wisdom is to go to California because that's the hub of the entire entertainment business, in the same way an economics major tries to go to New York and work on Wall Street. But in the end, if you're no good at what you do odds are you won't get very far. So yes, if your band has the chops, it can be a huge advantage.

Everyone thinks being in a band is the best thing in the world but trying to become successful must have its ups and downs. Give us a little insight to both.
Well, no matter what you do in life, there will be ups & downs and you have to learn to deal with them. But make no mistake. Being in a band IS the BEST. THING. IN. THE. WORLD. Don't let anybody tell you different.

2010, what do we have to look forward to from Can't Hang, hopefully a full cross country tour.
We're hoping to do more touring, and if it works out, get back out west for some dates. We'd also like to record a new live album if we can get schedules to work out. We'll probably write some new music too.

Thanks so much, all the best and hope to see you at a show in 2K10!

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